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for state and local enforcement. hearing from the governor, daniel malloy speaking shortly and we understand he he speaking with a lot of the families, numerous children taken to hospitals but we don't know the status, whether they are injured or deceased as a result of the shooting this morning. once again, we want to show you pictures from the scene outside of the school. you can see just a lot of people standing there, some ambulances and cars and law enforcement and parents and teachers basically in shock about what happens. it happened at 9:44 this morning when a gunman walked into the school and opened fire. there was a call to 911 reporting the emergency and when police started to arrive at the scene. there were numerous children who heard what sounded like they said maybe some cans falling on the ground. they thought maybe the janitor had knocked something over and police came to the classroom and said is he in here and told them to get in a safe place and children were hiding in closets, various reports of real heroism on the part of not only teachers but students as well that made
to the director of the fbi and as well as the governor of connecticut, governor malloy, and also expressed that the federal government will stand with connecticut as it deals with this tragedy and not only emotionally, but offering up full resources in what is a long and dark process ahead for the state. the president ordered the flag lowered to half-staff here at the white ohouse and throughout washington, d.c., and to your initial point, chris, the president making it clear that this is not a tragedy for the state of connecticut, but the tragedy for the nation as well. his emotions overflowing today and one of the most emotional moments we have seen from this president, chris. >> i agree. and watching it on el television, it was overwhelming. thank you, kristen welker. >> we will return with more on the tragedy of the shooting at an elementary school in sandy hook, connecticut. not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ]
children they would never see their son or daughter again fell to connecticut's governor, dannel malloy. the parents were brought to the town fire house on friday. yesterday an emotional malloy explained he didn't think it was right for families to have to wait a long time for the families of victims to be notified. >> there was a reluctance to tell parents and loved ones that the person that they were waiting for was not going to return and that that had gone on for a period of time, well after there was any expectancy that families would be reunited. so i made a decision that to have that go on any longer was wrong. >> malloy also called for the resurrection of a federal ban on assault rifles. he's not the only one calling for discussion about tougher gun laws in the wake of the newtown shootings. a just-released cbs news poll finds 57% of americans back stricter gun laws. that's the highest percentage in a decade. but less than half believe stricter laws would have prevented the shooting in newtown. tatiana anderson has more. >> reporter: 34 americans who survived or lost loved ones
malloy is on the scene. any other information? >> we do know that the governor has been many communication with president obama. we also know at this point that it is expected. it is likely that the president will have? sg to say about this, whether it's a statement or otherwise we'll have to wait and see. again, andrea, this is what we were tug about. the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history, second only to virginia tech back in 2007. at this point what we know is that the gunman who is dead was a 20-year-old from connecticut. he was wearing all black. he was carrying two handguns, we're told, from one of the students at sandy hook elementary school he told our affiliate there in connecticut, he says that he was in the gym. he heard a loud boom. then he heard seven more loud booms. the gym teachers told the kids at that point to get in the car and all the kids huddled. in fact, in fact, here's one of those eyewitness accounts. >> she came out. she was crying. all the other students were crying. the thing she told me was that it really started when she heard gunsh
. right now, we're told governor malloy is speaking inside the church. a little earlier today, ashleigh, i had the opportunity to speak with the deacon here. like so many people in this community, he knew some of the victims. some of the children that lost their lives. those were the same children that he used to stare at and see in the church every sunday. some of these children had their first communion here. he knew the school faculty, service faculty came to this church as well. during a very emotional moment, i want you to listen to part of the conversation that we had a little earlier about how all of this has affected him and the community. >> it's a very tight-knit community. it's a very large parish, a dynamic parish. everybody knows everybody here. and i don't know for sure but i'm sure that quite a few of the kids that we lost today are in this parish. i heard one of the victims, i'm not sure about it, but i heard that one of the victims, recently she -- i think it was birthday money, she got her birthday money, birthday gifts. she donated it to the parish to give for the hurric
, connecticut governor dan malloy will then introduce president obama for his remarks to this crowd. again, you're looking live at newtown, high school in newtown, connecticut and this school tragedy that they're dealing with after friday's shooting. shooting. newtown is a place that loves children above all. families move to newtown because we are a caring and loving community. we are also a place that has great pride in our schools, pride that propels the students in those schools with their outstanding teachers and administrators through high achievement and great personal worth. the horror that was visited upon our sandy hook school was not deserved. it is the angry and desperate act of a confused young man. there is no blame to be laid on us, but there is a great burden and a great challenge that we emerge whole, that these families devastated by unspeakable harm know and trust that we love them and will do everything we can to help them heal. i know that newtown will prevail that we will not fall to acts of violence. it is a defining moment for our town, but it does not define us. we are
, a democrat. also governor dannel malloy. the connecticut governor will also be on that face the nation. right now, talking about preventing these mass shootings. how can the government help. how can society help? good morning. >> good morning. caller: i would like to bring up the kids and the violent video games again. they sit there and play them daily. these are not the real consequences of taking out these guns. it just becomes part of the culture. what about that idea? host: mike, what would you do? would you ban them? make them available only to people of a certain age? caller: the age limit would be fine. maybe get that to go outside and play. host: so, the roles for parents in society? caller: yes, ma'am. that is a real legitimate thing to look at, i think. host: this is a written in -- host: steve is an independent caller in indianapolis. good morning, steve. caller: my comment is that in israel they have an-16's at the school's." -- m-16's and gun lockers in the schools'. and the solution should be, i believe, that we need to actually gunned down these terrorists. we have done a free
malloy. listen in. >> children, beautiful, beautiful children. who had simply come to school to learn. >> their day ended a different way than we could have imagined. as we stand here today we can't imagine what transpired there. evil visited this community today. it's too early to speak of recovery. but each parent, each sibling, each member of the family has to understand that connecticut, we're all in this together. we'll do whatever we can to overcome this event. we will get through it. but this is a terrible time for this community and for these families. our police personnel and others are doing the utmost to clear this situation as soon as possible. to return these children to their parents. or these loved ones to their fellow loved ones as quickly as possible. we'll work with all of the residents of this community. and connecticut to make sure that we do, in fact, get through this. i was mayor of stanford on 9/11. when our state lost many of its citizens and i lost a number of my fellow citizens and friends. i never thought that in a public career that i would have to face the
as well as the governor of connecticut malloy. now, president obama is very reminisce ept of the aurora, colorado, shooting and president obama spoke to the nation. he was middle in the campaign at that point. he suspended the events. spoke to the nation about how tragic it was, extended condolences to the people of colorado. i'm sure we'll hear similar comments of the president today. jay carney was asked earlier today about the fact that president obama has supported stiffer gun control legislation. he was asked if today was the day to renew the efforts. he said today is not the day to talk about policy but focus on the victims and all of the people who are suffering in connecticut so again president obama alerted about this tragedy at 10:30 this morning. he is monitoring the situation, getting updates throughout the day, offering his assistance to the state of connecticut as well as his sympathy and condolences. >> do we have any sense of how long the comments would be or if he would take questions? >> i'm sure he'll get some sh t shouted questions. i'm not sure the format specifica
the governor of connecticut, dan malloy, who has been meeting with the parents of those young children who were killed this morning in this very lensless tragedy. john, is the president about to come into the press briefing room? we'll leave that picture up so we know when the president enters. the white house is getting all of the latest information from the f.b.i. director. they're on top of this as well. >> that's right. this is a thing where, you know, the situation will light up and they'll start to get this information. in a fast-moving incident-- and this is my experience as a former assistant director of the f.b.i.-- sometimes inside information is overrated. which is you're getting information from n realtime from the scene, from the actual players on the ground and as we experience in trying to cover a story like that that information just because it's coming straight from the official sources and the actual witnesses also tends to change as it develops. i think what we'll see from the white house is a cautious statement that stays away from the facts and the numbers. and talks about
of connecticut, governor dannel malloy is meeting with families and not releasing the information that we need right now is because the governor wants to make sure that the families get that information first. and of course, as we've heard, we have sources that say that we have dozens killed. so they're probably dozens of families that the governor is meeting with right now. >> amanda, what can you tell us if anything about the relationship between the shooter and that school? was he a father of a student there? did he have some sort of connection to a staffer there? do we know anything about this 20-year-old shooter? >> all that we know right now is that there is a possible connection. we don't know if, like you said, that person had a child in the school. we actually even don't know how the person was able to get in to the school because here in connecticut what typically happens is a lot of the doors are locked. if they're maybe not the main entrance one to go in and go to the main office but a lot of the times the school's doorways around the building are locked so there's still questions
of those students and trying to return them, as governor malloy says of connecticut, back to their families so they can mourn and grieve their loss during this time. this community certainly just now getting out of the sadness and shock part and this grief heavily starting to set in. what we don't know about the shooter at this time is his exact identification. they're trying to process that information as well. there are numerous reports that they're trying to figure out the exact identification that they had on him at the time. but the main focus here for law enforcement and for first responders is dealing with those families who have lost those children. 18 who died at that school this morning, chris. two others that were transported to a local hospital and died later. and six adults and then also the shooter that died. so 27 people in all killed in this small area community here. and more details that we'll be learning about the heroics inside that school as this tragedy played out. we're hearing about how teachers that were in that section of the school where this happened, when they h
not be waiting for the governor to speak first because he's had this phone conversation with governor malloy. it is entirely possible that president obama comes out and makes a statement before the governor. i think that may be an indication that perhaps the timeline could be moved up, but beyond what it was before, but at this point, it is very fluid. it doesn't appear to be set and it is certainly not public as to when the president will make a statement, wolf. >> we'll stand by, have coverage obviously of that. and we have been told by the governors aid, one of the governor's aids that he is meeting with families, trying to console them. he's on the scene. at some point the governor, dannel malloy will be speaking as well. david arioso is on the scene. from your advantage point, david, tell us what you're seeing. >> i'm right outside the firehouse being used as a makeshift shelter for which family members, including parents and children, are holed up. you do see parents walking back and forth on a wooded stretch that leads up toward the school, oftentimes clutching their children, clutchi
with connecticut governor dan malloy, and then grief and guns. a conversation with the colorado govern governor. plus, experts on keeping school safe coping with trauma and profiling a mass murderer, all on this special edition of "state of the union." first, the latest on the newtown murders. this morning connecticut's chief medical examiner will perform autopsies on the gunman and his mother, who was killed at her home. the results will be released during a news conference later today. the names of the victims were made public last night. 12 girls and 8 boys killed, all either 6 or 7 years old. the six adults killed at the school were women. the medical examiner says every victim he saw was hit more than once, and all the wounds he saw were inflicted by the semi-automatic rifle found at the scene. president obama will be here in newtown late this afternoon to meet with the victims' families and speak at an evening memorial. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is outside the home the gunman and his mother shared. susan, let me bring you in. tell me, what is the latest on the investigati
of what he said. >> this afternoon i spoke with governor malloy, fbi director mueller. i offered governor malloy my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear he will have every single resource he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims, council their families. we have endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years, and each time i learn the news, i react not as a president, but as anybody else would, as a parent, and that was especially true today. i know that there is not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams, so our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children, and for the families of the adults who were lost. our hearts ar
governor daniel malloy called for a moment of silence at 9:30 a.m. eastern time exactly one week after the horror began to untold in newtown. the church bells in newtown will toll 26 times. tens of thousands of churches say they also plan to ring their bells at 9:30 this morning. more than a dozen governors are calling for moments of silence in their own states. president obama will observe the moment in private. there will be no press conference as he marks this very somber occasion. you're looking live at governor daniel malloy of connecticut. [ bells ringing ] >> we honor those precious ones by doing all we can to end violen violence. [ bell ringing ] >> that was connecticut governor daniel malloy marking a moment of silence for the 26 victims of the newtown, connecticut shooting. nbc's ron mott is live in newtown this morning on a somber and sad day for connecticut and the nation. ron? >> hey there, chris. good morning. obviously a very somber day here as you mentioned in connecticut. across this country as the 26 people who lost their lives last friday were being remembered with t
, an overflow crowd for a vigil held here in newtown tonight. and the connecticut governor, dan malloy, addressed the entire community. >> keep in your prayers the children who lost their lives today. keep in your prayers the adults who lost their lives today. understand that a test is just that. that which we rise to, and answer. >> reporter: joining me now is david owens, he is a reporter for connecticut's hartford current newspaper. thank you for joining us, i know you have done extensive reporting today. let's start with the question, everybody is asking why, are there any clues today? >> state police say they have a lot of theories but they're not ready to talk about them yet. we don't know yet it is the classic profile. a guy wearing black, with a face mask, heavily armed and we're all just wondering why. >> reporter: heavily armed, we were told there were two guns on scene, two more in the car, legally registered to his mother. and then there was a report tonight that they found even more guns in the school. what can you tell us? >> my understanding, there were three weapons, a
that governor malloy is being updated both by state police and by federal officials, but an absolutely horrendous scene being described as some of these early reports are coming in from people who are in there, alex. >> chris, in terms of this, we've been talking a little bit about this reverse 911 call, which makes it sound like some students were not at school yet or the school was trying to take every measure possible to insure that parents were informed as to the situation, which seems to be a very quick response on their end in terms of getting the information out there and trying to calm understandably very concerned parents. >> this is something that technology has done that is tremendously helpful in situations like this, that they have this reverse 911 situation set up because, obviously, previously, and i remember this from having covered the columbine shooting very extensively, a lot of the information would come out at that point anecdotally that parents calling parents and even more chaos could enshoe because people don't know what's going on. at least the initial bit of i
fire, 20 students were killed, six adults died. connecticut governor malloy is asking the entire nation to join his state in the moment of silence to honor those victims. church bells will ring 26 times. >>> since last friday the sandy hook community and the entire nation has been coping with the tragedy back-to-back funerals have been taking place all this week in connecticut. latest services took place yesterday for benjamin and jesse, both were 6-years-old. more services are scheduled for today and tomorrow. >>> abc news will air a will stream it live on >>> new this morning, president obama responding to an online petitionzwp)éhlling fr stricter gun laws in the wake of the school tragedy in connecticut. here's a portion of his comments moved to the white house website, just after 3:00 this morning. >> the president: i will do everything in my power as president to advance these efforts. because if there is even one thing we can do as a country  our children, we have a responsibility to try. >> earlier this week, president obama appointed vice president biden to head
connecticut governor dan malloy. we'll talk about what washington can or should do about guns with new york democrat chuck schumer. plus, a panel of experts and opinion makers. this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: well interesting gets worst with every new detail and we'll get into some of that, but here is the latest. authorities have released the names of the 28 victimes, including 20 first grade student, six adult women who worked at the school. the president will attend a memorial service later today. he will visit with the families. many of the early details about what happened were wrong. we are now getting a better handle on what did happen, but so far no one seems to know exactly what motivated the shooter, 20-year-old adam lanza. we're going to begin our coverage with the spokesman for want connecticut state police, lieutenant paul vance. lieutenant, thank you so much for finding time for us. you said something yesterday that you thought the search of the various crime scenes had been
. >> governor malloy says he supports going -- looking at the -- gov. o'malley says he supports looking at the gun issue. >> i do not have a bill to present to your. it is still a work in progress. but it is work that i would guess every state in the union is going to undertake. >> as far as reaction from gun stores, we call several gun stores that declined on-camera interviews. they confirmed that they are selling guns at record rates. we were referred to a news release that read in part "we find it callous and disrespectful that certain politicians and gun-control advocates are so focused on their political agenda that they could not find it in their hearts to refrain from publicly exploiting this heartbreaking tragedy until after the victims had been returned to their families and their loved ones." >> the democrat from montgomery county, also the share of the judicial proceeds committee in annapolis, will announce what he is calling an anti-gun violence package. he hopes to get the ball rolling to look at those maryland gun laws. i am lowell melser, wbal tv-11 news. >> just in the l
to the social investments. the malloy approach. >> exactly. >> the way to do it is training on the austerity that is going to result if you don't bite the bullet. look at california. it was the vanguard of that movement. in this past election, facing a fiscal cliff of its own, the prospect of trigger cuts, if they didn't adopt proposition 30 if they raise taxes. they decided to go for the tax increases and that's because they saw what that austerity could mean. you really have to do both. we talk about the investments and the costs. >> please. >> i was going to say, the federal level, one of the things we saw in 2000, i know you want to keep taxes and spending separate, but i think we shouldn't. what we have seen is a great pitch to reduce taxes. again, i'm in favor of it. the route to great economic growth. that being said, it is not true, even with the best tax cuts when you spend like a drunken sailor, which happened under the republicans. if you cut taxes and increase spending, that's the equivalent of raising taxes in the future. i think it's key to keep those together. >> bruce, do you
momentarily from the governor of connecticut dan malloy set to speak to the people of his state via television th from his office. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it begins. >> heather: stunning new developments in the investigation into one of the deadliest shootings in u.s. history as police release the names of the victims to the public and they describe their injuries in more detail. hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour, a hard day inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. we're glad you're with us. the nation mourning the loss of so many young lives, 20 of the 26 people massacred at sandy hook elementary school, some as young as six. in a news conference wrapping a short while ago, the chief state medical examiner saying that many of the victims were killed by multiple close range gun shots. >> heather: shear a new picture of the shooter, adam lanza. police saying the 20-year-old forced his way into the school and contrary to earlier reports, lanza did have an assault rifle on him as he carried out the murderous rampage. >>
are seeing and hearing. >> i'm in the same place that the connecticut governor dan malloy updated us all. you can see from the collection of microphones this is a concentrated media center. there dozens of reporters here and arriving every moment. i hate to bring this up, but it gives me the sense of columbine and how massive the scope of this story has become. one of the updates we got, devastating detail on this. that is the investigation that is about to ensue. wolf, the bodies of those children are still in the school. 18 children died in the school and were dead on the scene. two more taken to the hospital and died there. the six adults also who died at the school, their bodies are still there. the police who updated us told us that the scope of the investigation, the amount of work they have to do to piece this all together is going to take a very long time. you can imagine how the parents are dealing with the fact that they can't even get the information or at least know that their child is being brought out of that school. it is just overwhelming in this tiny community of 27,000 peopl
reached out to governor dannel malloy not only to offer his condolences but also the full support and weight of the federal government as that community begins to cope with and heal in the wake of this unspeakable tragedy, chris. i should also tell you that the flag here at the white house and throughout federal buildings here in washington, d.c., are flying at half-staff. >> thank you, kristin. we'll be right back with continuing coverage of this tragic shooting up in newtown, connecticut. >> when i was out in the hall when like everybody hurried. the bullets -- >> yeah. >> they like went into of a total panic. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ when you give a child a toy, it has to work. ♪ make just one someone happy and when it's a toys for tots child, well, what could be m
, the governor was there, dannel malloy, and at one point the governor started telling family members, parents, who was alive and who wasn't alive, and, you know, and both the minister and the rabbi said to me, it was one -- it was the most powerful moment, the shock, and these are clergy, they're supposed to comfort. they didn't know what to do. >> these parents, they did not know, they were waiting, hoping, seeing children come out and hoping that one of those children would be theirs, but for so many parents that didn't happen, and the governor was the one, you heard this morning, wolf, that ultimately told them, conveyed that information, that horrible information to them. >> he felt it was his responsibility, governor malloy, his responsibility as the governor of the state of connecticut to deliver this horrendous news. no news could be worse. children bury parents. parents are not supposed to bury their children, and this is an unspeakable tragedy that has afflicted -- that has impacted this small opportunity. under 30,000 people live here in newtown, and, you know, they've all gathered
of connecticut, dan malloy. update our viewers on what you're learning. >> wolf, today we are learning more from authorities about -- they are picking up more evidence, both at the scene, crime scene, as well as at the home that the shooter shared with his mother. and they are trying to -- saying it is beginning to explain why this happened. now, they're not revealing exactly what that information is. however, an official with the atf is telling us that, in fact, more weapons were found at the mother's home. now, they are doing complete traces on those weapons. they are not saying they are directly related to the shooting. but it is providing more of a picture about how everything happened. we have, however, learned from our sources about the three additional weapons that were found at the home. appear to be found there. and they are all rifles. all rifles. these are in addition to the three weapons that we've already told you about in the last couple of days. two handguns, a glock and a sig sauer. as well as that semiautomatic known as a bushmaster. now, authorities tell us, our sources tell us
and their support, obviously for the victims, and their families and the governor, the governor malloy. spoke, offering his condolences as l. he said it is a tragedy he echoed what many people are feeling not only in connecticut but across the country it is really -- it is grief and anger. >> what have you been able to learn? more about the gunman in today's shooting? >> reporter: in terms of the gunman what we have been able to find is we can confirm adam lanza, 20 years old is the confirmed gunman and his brother ryan lanza is being questioned by authorities in engine engine. we are learning that their mother, nancy lanza was killed a second is location here in newtown, connecticut. also three weapon were found on the scene and those three weapon were actually purchased by nancy lanza. >> reporting live in newtown tonight. >>> in their final briefing it this evening authorities said they expected to have positive identification on the victims as soon as tomorrow. connecticut state police said 20 young children were killed at their school, six adults also died. the gunman identified as 20-
in the sandy hooks elementary school. it is it not sense to a rational human being. the governor malloy got it right when he said eril visited the community. president obama spoke more as a parent than a politician and quoted the bible to bring comfort to the nation. churches were filled in newtown, connecticut last night as candlelight vigils were held to grieve for the 27 innocent people killed and those shattered by the crazed carnage. on friday, neal cavuted me, where was god in we have systematically removed god from our schools and public account activities and at the moment of the calamity we wonder where it was. the liberal wave had a violent and jumped to the conclusion that if i said prayer was in school the shooting would not have happen. i said nothing of the sort. it is far more than prayer and bible reading. it is it the fact that people sue a city so we have no major 16 or christmas carol churches and christian owned businesses are told to surrender the values under the edict of the government orders to provide tax-funded abortion pills . we say things are sinful and say they
remark about the shooting. let's listen. nthis afternoon i spoke to governor malloy and fbi director mueller and offered my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear he will have every single risource to investigate the heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. as respected there were fatalities, there were 18 children pronounced dead at the school. two transported to area helps and pronounced dead at area hospitals and six adults pronounced dead at the scene of the school. >> and this happened six hours ago. and there is it a lot of evidence processed and all of the scenes are investigated including a apparently the home of the shooter's mother in newtown where an adult body was. there are conflicting respects about the at that timus of the shooter's father and conflict being reports on the shooter himself. >> the majority of those who died today were children . beautiful kids between the anals of 5-10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers, men
the governor of the state, governor dan malloy, who will be introducing the president. >> we will in many ways be made stronger for whatever has transpired. and we will get better. we are blessed today to have with us the president of the united states, who, upon meeting with pat and i just a little while ago, said that the most difficult day of his presidency was friday, when he heard the news of that which had befallen this community. i assured him that connecticut, ne newtown, and sandy hook are strong and i welcomed him on your behalf to our community. i now introduce the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. thank you, governor, to all the families, first responders, the community of newtown, clergy, gues guests. scripture tells us, do not lose heart. though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day. the light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. so we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. what is seen is temporary. what is unseen is eternal. for we know th
developments on the shooting investigation. here's what we know right now. connecticut governor, dan malloy, says the 20-year-old suspect shot his way into the school. we've also learned that all 20 of the children killed inside were shot multiple times. all of them were six and seven years old. investigators are still processing the crime scene. physically and forensically. police say they expect all questions surrounding the case will ultimately be answered because they have found certain evidence. medical examiner's office is starting to release the bodies of the 26 victims back to their families and funerals are expected to be held this week. >>> the suspected gunman's father, peter lanza, is expressing condolences to the victim's families. released a statement saying quote, we're in a state of disbelief. trying to find whatever answers we can. we, too, are asking why. we've cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so we're saddened, but struggling to make sense of what has transpired. we're going to go to don lemon in newtown. so much going on. so difficult, even f
bless the adults who lost their lives today. thank you. >> that's governor dan malloy. he happens to be a democrat, in fact, that couldn't be less relevant tonight. there he is with his wife. i have to tell you, that was a good service. it's so obvious that we americans and all of us around the world go to churches when things like this happen. coming up next, "your business" with j.j. ramberg. this amazingly useful app allows you to take pictures of your mortgage documents using an iphone or android smart phone... so you can easily send them to us. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ooh, la-la! [ male announcer ] lifts to clear obstacles. ♪ lowers to cut drag. rises to every challenge. the class exclusive air suspension in the new 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. when you give a child a toy, it has
:30 this morning, marking the exact moment when terror!yjy& invaded sandy hook elementary. governor malloy called for a moment of silenceí?m and asked billings with bells to#b"=@ rig . for every --s many governors asked residents silence. yesterday, friends and family said good-bye to four more childrev0e:nxÑc benjamin. >> there should be no reason for a coffin that small. >> reporter: two teachers werepf also laid to rest. murphy was found shielding during her service the cardinal of new york?juz compard «ñ emuh+ssb.6l parker launched lantern for each victim in utah last night. >> there's no reason for us to be here tonight Ä new hampshire attended by 25 -- private service in new hampshire attended by 25 family members. attorney general holder met responders and investigators yesterday. >> i hope the healingzhenç can begin. it going to be a long haul, changes have to be made.?i the long line of grieving continues for the fifth straight day. there will be more funerals today, including one for the wendy gillette, abc7 news.jíjh morning's moment of silence m our timeh47xi on abc 7, dur
. >> sean: now we go to our old friend from atlanta, mike malloy, and he says tha to mitch mcconnell the black guy whipped your [bleep], and he said to john boehner you should drown in a vat of wine. >> the colored guy has whipped his [bleep]. hey, mitch. the black guy stomped your [bleep]. he's younger than you are, he's smarter than you are. he's hand somer than you are, and he stomped your [bleep]. what you gonna do about it, boy? don't you think [bleep] ought to just, i don't know, go drown himself in a vat of wine? you know, he could be jumping up and down with his bare feet like remember like lucy did, that episode, "i love lucy"? >> what nic a nice guy. >> exactly. the progress as i was spent a lot of time like this wishes death upon their enemies. we have dozens of examples. malloy is one of the worst offenders. know something else, sean. they don't have an agenda they're putting forward. what they want to see from this fiscal cliff issue, what they do instead is attack, attack, attack, smear, hate, but we don't hear specifics because if they actually admitted what the
the nation this afternoon. >> this afternoon, i spoke with governor malloy and f.b.i. director mueller. i offered governor malloy my condolences, on behalf of the nation. and made it clear he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims. counsel their families. we have endured too many of the tragedies in the past few years. each time i learn the news, i react not as a president, but as anybody else would, as a parent. that was especially true today. i know there is not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelmingly grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teacher, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their dreams. so our hearts are broken today for the parents, and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children. and for the families of the adults who were lost. ou
to be a worldwide event in terms of coverage. there we have the governor of connecticut. governor malloy, here he comes. now, we just lost the feed, unfortunately. we're going to get back as soon as we can. in fact, we now have visual feed. here he is. >> in the ensuing hours since this unspeakable and tragic event occurred here, as you know, there are a number of victims, teachers, support personnel in the building. children, beautiful, beautiful children who had simply come to school to learn and their day ended a very different way than any of us possibly could have imagined. quite frankly, as we stand here today, still can't imagine what traps pyred there. . >> evil visited this community today. and it's too early to speak of recovery. but each parent, each sibling each member of the family has to understand that connecticut, we're all in this together. we'll do whatever we can to overcome this event. we will get through it. but this is a terrible time for this community and for these famili families. our police personnel and others are doing the utmost to clear this situation as soon as poss
governor malloy has been just outstanding. he along with the president he described, governor, the children last night, he was talking about how with the onset of winter, the winter soltice every time when winter approaches, when those gentle snowflakes begin to fall he'll think of these children, and every spring when the flowers bloom, and sandy hook and all across the state we'll remember how precious they are he was eloquent. >> eliot: governor malloy was eloquent and the imagery was exquisite. you're so right. now is the moment to act. there is a senseibility across both sides of the aisle that we must. how do you maintain that sense of urgency? as we move into january and february, you know the rhythms of the house and the legislative process better than anybody certainly better than i do, how do you maintain that sense of inevitability, urgency and the moral righteousness. >> this is not going to go away. there are a couple of steps that we're going to move forward on aggressively. i say aggressively. when i say that, i mean with the sense of the fierce urgency that martin luther kin
spoke with governor malloy and fbi director muller. i offered governor malloy my condolences on behalf of the nation and made it clear, he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. >> as has been reported, thrrn fatalities, there were 18 children that were pronounced dead at the school. there were two that were transported to area hospitals, pronounced dead at area hospitals and six adults, pronounced dead at the scene, at the school. >> remember that this happened just over six hours ago. so there is a lot of evidence still being processed, the crime scene still very active and other scenes now being investigated, including apparently, the home of the shooter's mother here in newtown, where an adult body was found, as well as another resident in new jersey. there are conflicting reports about the status of the shooter's father and conflicting reports on the shooter himself. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had the
connecticut's governor dan malloy, who has come at regular intervals to brief us, but also spoken with the families who were given the ultimate terrible news they would not be reuniting with their children. he made another stop at the vigil jason reported on. >> good evening, everyone. monsignor, thank you very much for opening this very beautiful church so that we might in a communal way find solace and one another as a result of the unspeakable having occurred in this community. people's children, brothers, sisters, were taken from them. people's spouses. those teachers and administrators, were taken from us. yet we stand in a church and many of us today, in the coming days, will rely upon that which we have been taught and that which we inherently believe that there is faith for a reason and that faith itself is god's gift to all of you. and in these times of troubles and travails, when the unthinkable happens in our very midst, our faith is tested. not just in the religious sense, not just necessarily our faith in god, but our faith in community, in who we are, in what we coll
. >> this afternoon i spoke with governor malloy and fbi director mueller. i offered governor malloy my condolences on behalf of the nation. and made it clear he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime care for the victims, counsel their family. we've endured too many of these tragedies in the last few years and each time i learn the news i react not as a president but as anyone else would as a parent. that is especially true today. i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same weather welling grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five to 10 years old. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. among the fallen were also teachers. men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children follow their dreams. so our hearts are broken today. for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children, and for the families of the adults who were lost. our hearts are broken for the parents of t
. governor malloy asked residents to pause more a moment of silence to remember the 20 children and six educators who died at sandy hook elementary. similar tributes all around the u.s. this morning. funeral services will take place today for three students and two staff members. abc news will air a special report during this morning's moment of silence 6:28 our time we will airqóg@ju here during the abc7 morning news. we will also stream it live on >>> people in the southd80] baycs>ñjaá"ti tr""';y?÷ tribute during an interfaith vig=7 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪élcp>> dozens joined last night's remembrance at the government center in san jose. speakers included two children moved by the tragedy. >> the idea that guns don't kill people, that people kill people is only an excuse. >> i wish that all the victims would rest in peace. >> many people wrote messages and left them on t<ñmjç vigil tree pictures of those who died in connecticut hang from the tree. you can place your on tribute on that tree any time during regular business hours. >>> this morning san francisco police are s
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